Playing Catch Up

So, as the title of this week’s post indicates, I find myself playing catch up after falling a little behind. I do not regret that I missed a few of my assignments over the last week or so and had to turn them in late for a lower grade (in fact, there are still two assignments I need to complete  that were due on Wednesday and Friday I think). I have been at a wonderful family reunion over the last few days and we were WAY BACK in the boonies. There was internet at the cabin we were staying at, but it was so poor and slow that I could not access I-learn to complete my assignments. I kept getting disconnected. I think I was only able to complete one of my five online assignments that were due! Oh well, the reunion was very enjoyable and I am glad that I attended. That is the happy distraction that I had this week. Let me just say that there is a distraction of a different kind that I am dealing with and it is occupying much more of my thoughts/mental focus and a great deal of time.

Still, the topics that I would have liked to have given more attention this week are very valuable. We learned about SEO and Social Media. To be honest, I think that advertising on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter seems like a more effective option than running a Google AdWords campaign (but I don’t have enough experience to say that for sure, and I certainly don’t have the results). I do like that you can customize your ads to appear only to people in certain age categories, or to those who use certain keywords on their profiles.

As always there are many informative links that can be referenced for review and better comprehension in the future: (this one was AWESOME!!)

These are the ones that I fell behind on and have only glimpsed through (there is A LOT of information here):


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